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Sara Porter is a dedicated tutor with 18 years teaching specialising in GCSE science and A level Biology within further education. Full time tutor since 2019 due to demand.

Currently an associate assessor on new T level in Science and producing online GCSE science video used for subject knowledge enhancement for trainee teachers. Working on promoting the role of women in history in science through the Enlightenment.

What I offer...

Personalised tuition
for each student which focuses on their needs throughout the
syllabus at all levels

developed for each session with feedback and marking on exam-based assessment

First consultation is free
so that you can see if it meets your needs
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Sara is an excellent tutor, who is caring and great with her students. She has been working with my son who is doing A level biology. He has benefitted immensely from her experience and wisdom encouraging him to fulfil his potential and dreams.We couldn’t recommend her highly enough. 

RC Parent of Tutee